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Our Commitment to Hypoallergenic Products
The term hypoallergenic means different things to different people. To Klaire Labs®, it means creating the purest products possible by identifying and avoiding common allergens throughout all stages of production of our dietary supplements. Our experience over the past 30 years in creating formulas that avoid wheat, dairy, gluten, and other common allergens has taught us this is no easy task. Hidden sources of potential allergens can occur in nutritional raw materials. Certain common ingredients used as manufacturing aids can also have allergenic potential. Thus, beginning with raw material selection for active nutrient ingredients and continuing throughout the encapsulation process, we are committed to finding and using only the purest materials available. In some cases, the purity of material we look for is simply not available. This means either avoiding the ingredient or developing an acceptable alternative. Our dairy-free, maltodextrin-free probiotics demonstrates the extra steps we take to produce materials that completely avoid certain ingredients. Probiotics grown on media containing dairy components and blended with a maltodextrin base is standard practice in the industry. Our specially produced probiotics are grown on dairy-free media and mixed with inulin or cellulose as the blending agent. The end result is probiotics that are exceptionally well tolerated by even the most sensitive patient. Beginning in 1969 with the work and diligence of Klaire Labs’ founder, Claire Farr, and continuing through the present time, Klaire Laboratories® has had an unwavering commitment to offering nutritional supplements with exceptional standards of purity and quality.

Who Needs Hypoallergenic Supplements?
For the majority of individuals, nutritional supplements that contain common food-derived ingredients, botanicals, or commonly used fillers, lubricants, stabilizers, etc., are generally well tolerated. However, for those with hypersensitivities, immune system dysregulation, compromised gastrointestinal function, chronic degenerative diseases, or neurodevelopmental disorders, ingestion of certain substances could potentially compromise optimal absorption and utilization of the nutrients and initiate adverse reactions. Allergies or hypersensitivities to certain food ingredients can cause an abnormal immune response that involves a broad range of inflammatory reactions in various body tissues. We each respond differently in this regard. A food or food component that is harmless to one individual can be harmful to another. And the type and extent of reaction can vary from subtle to severe. For some, ingesting the same food day after day causes no problem. For others, symptoms such as gastrointestinal distress, headaches, fatigue, sinus problems, skin rashes, and a myriad of other reactions can occur within a short period of time of ingestion or may even develop over time with repeated exposure. Thus, the need for avoiding certain ingredients is a very individual matter. Providing a choice of hypoallergenic supplements for these individuals is a primary concern and goal for Klaire Labs®.

What makes Klaire Labs’ supplements hypoallergenic?
Interestingly, there is no official definition or classification by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of what constitutes a hypoallergenic product. What one company considers hypoallergenic is not necessarily the same for another. It is thus important to understand each company’s definition of hypoallergenic by knowing what the product does or does not contain. Klaire Labs® supplements are free of commonly recognized antigenic foods and food components such as wheat, gluten, milk, lactose, soy, peanut, and rice. They are also free of MSG, artificial sweeteners and colors, salicylates, and preservatives. Kosher-certified, vegetable-derived capsules manufactured from highly purified plant cellulose are exclusively utilized in the encapsulation of Klaire nutritional supplements. When a flowing agent for capsules or base ingredient is needed, only natural material such as purified plant cellulose, L-leucine, and L-valine are used. Thus, individuals sensitive to these various foods and ingredients can use Klaire Labs’ products with confidence.

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